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Our individual legacies are built upon both the wealth we create for our families, and the impact we make on the broader society. Too often, however, the way we build our wealth is at odds with our values. Traditional investment strategies may direct money into industries like private prisons, sweatshops, and fossil fuels that cause harm to society. Too often, we unknowingly support our families by hurting others. Real Money Moves, an educational, 501©3 initiative, offers a new way to build a more holistic legacy — we help athletes, actors and other cultural influencers with ethical wealth creation, using the power of impact investing that addresses both financial and social objectives.


Impact investing is a growing field that seeks reasonable financial return alongside positive social impact. Every 1 in 4 institutional dollars currently screens for social and environmental value, and impact investing, the practice of proactively seeking companies that do good in the world, is increasingly practiced by the nation’s wealthiest families and everyday people alike. Impact investing strategies can serve as meaningful compliments to both traditional investing and philanthropy; with for-profit investments in affordable housing, diverse media, clean energy, women and people of color-owned businesses, and much more.

As more financial institutions add impact investing to their toolkit, it’s essential to be a “conscious consumer” and actually see that your money gets to the communities who can benefit from your investments. Check out this interview with RMM partner Derrick Morgan about what impact investing has meant for him.

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